Pestana Plaza Mayor

Pestana Plaza Mayor

• Location:

Plaza Mayor (Madrid)

• Activity:

Hostelry and Leisure

• Description:

Carnicería’s House is an emblematic building located in Plaza Mayor’s south side. It is a four-storey space crowned by angular towers on its sides, topped off by the top floor in the form of an attic and with the arcaded ground floor.


• Main Actions:

Proteyco has been in charge of the project from the beginning of the wining tender from the town hall Concession as well as the works permit management, the Execution Project writing and Official Work Management until the final reception of the project.  Proteyco Ibérica’s team member such as architects, engineers, decorators, structure builders, urban planning specialists and archaeologists have been participating in the development of the project.

Pestana Hotel has meant  the recovery and restoration of a historic building for its conversion into hotel use.

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