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About Proteyco


Proteyco Ibérica, S.A. is a company specialising in Engineering, Planning Management and Architecture, as well as in the areas of Advisory Services, Town Planning, Regulatory Compliance and Building Permit Applications for companies and other institutional bodies.

The company’s highly-qualified young professional team offers major clients an expert knowledge and tried and tested experience that they can trust in, having worked on more than 3,500 projects across the firm’s specialist areas. Clients include a wide variety of property owners – including owners of retail units and warehouses – large chains from various sectors and companies with large property portfolios, including heritage properties.

In the more than forty years since it was first founded, Proteyco Ibérica, S.A. has developed a sound company culture based on an unwavering work ethic and a client-centric approach that ensures all specialist needs are met – a company culture that has not only ensured satisfaction, but has also created a strong sense of loyalty among its clients.

During this time, the company’s vast multidisciplinary offering has allowed it to gain invaluable experience across a broad range of fields and allowed it to create a full suite of consultancy services that has and continues to provide excellent results for its clients.

Thanks to this Proteyco is currently a leading player in the sector, successfully managing over 100 building permits per year, along with the rest of its projects.

Mission vision and values

Mission: We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and guaranteeing the success and feasibility of their real estate and planning projects – a mission made possible thanks to our expert and highly-experienced technical team that prides itself on achieving excellence in each and every one of its projects.

Vision: To be an example to follow and a leading force in the sector, offering its clients an end-to-end service based on the trust, professionalism and client-centric approach that its team guarantees, along with the value-add that its wide-ranging experience, specialist knowledge and close client relationships offer.

Values: Our clients lie at the core of everything we do. Commitment, professionalism and a sense of duty to serve are our guiding principles. Specialisation, efficiency and excellence are the three values that complete our philosophy.

Functional Organization Chart

Proteyco Organization Chart
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